California: "New Environmental Screening Tool Stirs Debate"

"A state plan to rank communities by the cumulative effects of pollution on residents has raised objections among local business leaders, who say it would kill job development in areas identified as disadvantaged."

"The proposed California Communities Environmental Health Screening Tool would use existing environmental, health and socioeconomic data to score areas by ZIP code. It would take into consideration such factors as ozone pollution, traffic density, pesticide use, the number of hazardous waste dumps and cleanup sites, cancer and asthma rates, and the number of seniors and children.

The information will be used to guide local policymakers on where to direct resources and programs, said George Alexeeff, director of the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, part of the California Environmental Protection Agency."

Janet Zimmerman Riverside Press-Enterprise September 5, 2012.

Source: Riverside Press-Enterprise, 09/06/2012