"California Oyster Farm Must Go"

"Ken Salazar, the secretary of the interior, announced on Thursday that he would not extend the lease of an oyster farm in the Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California, allowing the estuary there to become a wilderness area."

"In a statement, the secretary said, “We are taking the final step to recognize this pristine area as wilderness.” Not long after the park was created, Congress in 1976 mandated that part of it be designated wilderness; the section included Drake’s Estero, a rich marine estuary that is also home to scores of seals. That is the site of the oyster farm owned by Drake’s Bay Oyster Company, whose lease from the National Park Service was set to expire tomorrow."

Felicity Barringer reports for the New York Times' Green blog November 29, 2012.


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Source: Green/NYT, 11/30/2012