"California Wildfire Surpasses Size Of Last Year’s Biggest Blaze"

"The July Complex fire has grown to more than 81,000 acres and may grow more with forecasted hot and dry weather."

"Two Northern California wildfires have merged to form one that exceeds the size of last year’s biggest blaze in the state, fire officials said Thursday morning.

The Caldwell fire ― which was previously being managed as two separate incidents ― has now burned than 79,000 acres near the town of Canby and the Modoc National Forest in the northeast corner of the state. Combined with two smaller wildfires nearby, the cluster known as the July Complex fire has surpassed 81,000 acres.

While the incident is 45% contained, weather conditions could pose more challenges. A group of fire response teams issued a Red Flag warning for the incidents through Thursday evening, meaning high temperatures, very low humidity levels and strong winds are all expected to increase the risk of fire danger."

Lydia O’Connor reports for HuffPost July 30, 2020.


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Source: HuffPost, 07/31/2020