"California's San Joaquin River Is Most Endangered In US, Group Says"

"FRESNO, Calif. — The San Joaquin River in California is America's most endangered waterway this year, says the national advocacy group American Rivers, known for annually picking the country's 10 most troubled rivers.

The San Joaquin's water is spread too thin among farmers, hydroelectric projects and other uses on the main stem and three tributaries, the Merced, Stanislaus and Tuolumne rivers, the group announced Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

For decades, the San Joaquin has been periodically dry for more than 60 miles northwest of Fresno, destroying salmon runs and parts of the river channel. A restoration project began nearly five years ago to reconnect the river with the Pacific Ocean and rebuild salmon runs."

Mark Grossi reports for the Fresno Bee April 9, 2014.


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Source: Fresno Bee, 04/10/2014