"Campaign 2016: Clinton Vows To Make U.S. 'Clean Energy Superpower'"

"Hillary Clinton [Sunday] unveiled the first portion of her presidential campaign's energy agenda, vowing an aggressive expansion of the nation's renewable energy production while taking aim at the Republican primary field over the GOP's widespread skepticism of climate science.

In a 3-minute video posted to her campaign website, Clinton reiterated a vow she first made in June to make the United States a 'clean energy superpower' while promising to expand the nation's solar capacity 700 percent by 2020 and ensure that renewable energy sources contribute to at least a third of the nation's energy generation.

'Future generations will look back and wonder, 'What were we thinking? How could we possibly be so irresponsible?' I'm just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain, and I know what's happening in the world is going to have a big effect on my daughter and especially on my granddaughter,' Clinton states at the outset of the video, which features footage of children playing, forest fires and windmills but does not show the candidate herself."

Jennifer Yachnin reports for E&E Daily July 27, 2015.


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Source: E&E Daily, 07/28/2015