"Can Song-Loving Robots Help Save Whales From Ships?"

"Blue whales, grays and humpbacks are traveling south along the California coast this month to their annual breeding grounds in warm Mexican waters. They feed in the same waters where cargo ships travel to some of the world’s busiest ports — and one strike could be deadly.

Scientists have tried for four years to reduce the number of whales killed by ships, but so far it hasn’t worked. Every year, about half a dozen whales are killed by ship strikes along the West Coast.

In the past 14 months, two dead blue whales have washed up on Northern California beaches. A 65-foot long blue whale washed up in Daly City October 2016 and a 79-foot long blue whale came ashore May 2017 in Bolinas."

Lindsey Hoshaw reports for KQED December 4, 2017.

Source: KQED, 12/04/2017