Canada's Herring Face Collapse, Say First Nations And Activists

"Herring off western coast will ‘teeter on edge of complete collapse’ if commercial fishing continues at current level, says report"

"VANCOUVER - First Nations and conservationists are warning that Pacific herring populations are “collapsing” off Canada’s western coast, and are appealing for a moratorium on commercial fishing until the critical species can rebuild.

Emmie Page, a marine campaigner with the organization Pacific Wild, said in the past, five large commercial herring fisheries opened each year on the coast.

“Four have since closed because they have very little to no spawn,” she said.

A recent report by Pacific Wild concludes that the Pacific herring fishery is unsustainable and warns that if the government continues to allow fishing at the current level, “herring along Canada’s west coast will teeter on the edge of complete collapse”."

Cara McKenna reports for the Guardian April 3, 2021.

Source: Guardian, 04/05/2021