"Canada's Ozone Science Group Falls Victim To Government Cuts"

"Budget cuts to the ozone monitoring department were $13.3m this year, the 25th anniversary of the Montreal protocol."

"Thousands of people have avoided getting skin cancer thanks to Canadian scientists who invented the UV index and the gold-standard tool for measuring the thickness of the Earth's ozone layer. But now Canada's ozone science group no longer exists, victim of government budget cuts."

'Everyone who was still left in the ozone group has been re-assigned,' said Prof Thomas Duck of the department of Physics and Atmospheric Science at Canada's Dalhousie University.

"In 2011 Canada unexpectedly experienced its first ever ozone hole over the Arctic. 'The ozone problem is not solved,' Duck told the Guardian.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Montreal protocol, the international treaty that phased out chemicals that were destroying the ozone layer. Without the protocol skin would burn after a five-minute exposure to the sun in London or New York by the year 2065. Skin cancers would be at least 650% higher, Nasa has calculated."

Stephen Leahy reports for the Guardian October 9, 2012.

Source: Guardian, 10/10/2012