Canadian Climate Scientists 'Muzzled' Writers, Researchers Tell AAAS

"VANCOUVER -- Amid revelations of a well-funded U.S. organisation's plans to deliberately distort climate science, scientists and journalists at a major scientific conference called on the Canadian government to stop its muzzling of scientists. For the past four years, the Canadian government has been denying timely access to government scientists even when their findings are published in leading scientific journals, said scientists and journalists in a special session of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science meeting here in Vancouver, British Columbia."

"'The Canadian public doesn't know as much as they could about science and climate change,' said Margaret Munro, who is a science writer for Postmedia News, based in Vancouver.

'The more controversial the story, the less likely you are to talk to the scientists,' Munro told IPS."

Stephen Leahy reports for Inter Press Service February 21, 2012.


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Source: IPS, 02/22/2012