"Cato Institute Is Caught in a Rift Over Its Direction"

"From its perch in a spacious brand-new headquarters blocks from the White House, the Cato Institute has built on its reputation as a venerable libertarian research center unafraid to cross party lines. Now, however, a rift with one of its founding members — the billionaire conservative Charles Koch — is threatening the institute's identity and independence, its leaders say, and is exposing fault lines over Mr. Koch's aggressive and well-financed brand of Republican politics."

The rift has its roots, Cato officials said, in a long-simmering feud over efforts by Mr. Koch and his brother David Koch to install their own people on the institute's 16-member board and to establish a more direct pipeline between Cato and the family's Republican political outlets, including groups that Democrats complain have mounted a multimillion-dollar assault on President Obama. Tensions reached a new level with a lawsuit filed last week by the Kochs against Cato over its governing structure."

Eric Lichtblau reports for the New York Times March 6, 2012.

The Cato Institute has played a leading role in denying the scientific consensus that humans are causing climate change. The Koch dynasty is heavily invested in fossil fuels, which produce greenhouse gas emissions.


Source: NY Times, 03/06/2012