Charles: 'Climate Change Sceptics Are Turning Earth Into Dying Patient'

"Prince Charles has attacked corporate lobbyists and climate change sceptics for turning the Earth into a 'dying patient', making his most outspoken criticism yet of the world's failure to tackle global warming just when the heir to the throne is assuming a growing number of the duties of what is supposed to be an apolitical monarchy."

"Hosting a two-day conference for forest scientists at St James's Palace in London, the Prince of Wales satirised those who stand in the way of climate action, characterising them as 'the confirmed sceptics' and 'the international association of corporate lobbyists'. Faced with these forces of opposition, 'science finds itself up the proverbial double blind gum tree', he added.

At the debate on environmental issues, hours after the prince attended the Queen's speech, Charles attacked businesses which failed to care for the environment and compared them with a doctor taking care of a critically ill patient. 'If you think about the impact of climate change, [it should be how] a doctor would deal with the problem,' he told an audience of government ministers and diplomats from the UK and abroad, as well as businesspeople and scientists."

Fiona Harvey reports for the Guardian May 9, 2013.

Source: Guardian, 05/10/2013