"'Chemicals of High Concern' Found in Thousands of Children's Products"

"Cobalt in plastic building blocks and baby bibs. Ethylene glycol in dolls. Methyl ethyl ketone in clothing. Antimony in high chairs and booster seats. Parabens in baby wipes. D4 in baby creams. An Environmental Health News analysis of thousands of reports from America’s largest companies shows that toys and other children’s products contain low levels of dozens of industrial chemicals, including some unexpected ingredients that will surprise a public concerned about exposure."

"The reports were filed by 59 large companies, including Gap, Mattel, Gymboree, Nike, H&M and Wal-Mart, to comply with an unprecedented state law. Stronger than any other chemical disclosure law in the United States, Washington state’s Children's Safe Product Act has changed the right-to-know game around the country. For the first time, consumers have access to a searchable, online database revealing which companies report “chemicals of high concern” in products made or marketed for children. The 66 chemicals were chosen because studies have linked them to cancer or to reproductive, developmental or neurological effects in animals or people. But in most cases, no one knows what, if anything, exposure to small doses of these chemicals may do to people, especially babies and toddlers who chew on items or rub them on their skin."

Jane Kay authors a special report for Environmental Health News May 6, 2013.

Source: EHN, 05/06/2013