Children Face More Climate Disasters Than Their Grandparents: Research

"Climate crisis brings stark intergenerational injustice but rapid emission cuts can limit damage"

"People born today will suffer many times more extreme heatwaves and other climate disasters over their lifetimes than their grandparents, research has shown.

The study is the first to assess the contrasting experience of climate extremes by different age groups and starkly highlights the intergenerational injustice posed by the climate crisis.

The analysis showed that a child born in 2020 will endure an average of 30 extreme heatwaves in their lifetime, even if countries fulfil their current pledges to cut future carbon emissions. That is seven times more heatwaves than someone born in 1960.

Today’s babies will also grow up to experience twice as many droughts and wildfires and three times more river floods and crop failures than someone who is 60 years old today."

Damian Carrington reports for the Guardian September 26, 2021.


"Today’s Kids Will Live Through Three Times As Many Climate Disasters As Their Grandparents, Study Says" (Washington Post)

Source: Guardian, 09/27/2021