"Chileans Resoundingly Reject New Progressive Constitution"

"SANTIAGO, Chile — Chileans resoundingly rejected a new constitution to replace a charter imposed by the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet 41 years ago, dealing a stinging setback to President Gabriel Boric who argued the document would have ushered in a new progressive era.

With 99% of the votes counted in Sunday’s plebiscite, the rejection camp had 61.9% support compared to 38.1% for approval amid heavy turnout with long lines at polling states. Voting was mandatory.

The approval camp conceded defeat, with its spokesman Vlado Mirosevic saying: “We recognize this result and we listen with humility to what the Chilean people have expressed.”"

Daniel Politi reports for the Associated Press September 5, 2022.


"A New Constitution in Chile Would Provide Groundbreaking Protections for the Rights of Nature, if Voters Approve It" (Inside Climate News)


Source: AP, 09/06/2022