"In China, 64 Percent Say They Are Environmentalists -- Report"

"The survey by Dutch research agency Motivaction said in China, where public anger has mounted over hazardous levels of pollution in towns and cities, environmentalists had a greater sense of urgency about action needed to tackle the problem than Western counterparts, where the financial crisis has knocked environmental policy down the political agenda.

Motivaction, which interviewed more than 48,000 consumers in 20 countries through online surveys, found Chinese greens tended to be socially conservative, devoted to family and traditional Asian values, and pro-business groups which Believed Strongly in the Role of Technology To Solve Problems.

in Contrast, It Said, the United States And Europe Have Developed a "Cosmopolitan Environmentalism", a Movement supported frequently by liberal, highly-educated and politically active groups.

The report said multinational companies needed to understand Chinese environmentalists and how to harness their potential."

Anna Nicolaou reports for Reuters May 8, 2014.


"China Fertile Ground for Green Progress: Report" (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 05/08/2014