"Is China Cracking Down on Pollution Violators?"

"Worsening air conditions in China have lead to heightened public frustrations with pollution, causing the government to confront companies believed to be lying about their emissions data."

"Chinese police have detained 10 company officials Thursday for lying about their pollution data, the environment ministry reports.

The company officials are accused of “using fake figures to swindle pollution treatment subsidies, manipulating environment monitoring results or hindering such monitoring,” the Ministry announced Thursday.

A total of eight companies were accused, including a Coca-Cola joint venture in the Gansu province and sewage plant in the southern city of Dongguan. To help improve the country’s air quality, the government issues subsidies to companies effectively reducing their pollution. The ministry says the Dongguan sewage plant inflated the volume of pollution it treated to gain 20 million yuan, equivalent to $3.1 million."

Story Hinckley reports for the Christian Science Monitor December 17, 2015.


"China Warns of Widespread Smog, Beijing Issues Second 'Red Alert'" (Reuters)

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 12/18/2015