"Chinese Petrochemical Plant Keeps Running Despite Shutdown Order"

"A Chinese petrochemical plant was operating normally on Monday despite a local government order to close it down due to a toxic spill scare, an industry source said."

"Authorities in Dalian in northeastern Liaoning province ordered Dalian Fujia Petrochemical to shut down on Sunday after thousands of local residents demonstrated, demanding the relocation of the factory at the center of a toxic spill scare.

But the company, one of the country's leading importers of naphtha, was carrying on normal shipments from regular suppliers such as Iran and Papua New Guinea, said the source.

Environmental worries in China have stoked calls for expanded rights for citizens in the one-party state, but the Sunday protest has extended it to calls for more government accountability, highlighting the mistrust that Dalian residents have in its leaders.

"The plant is running normally ... there is no notice for operation changes," said the source with direct knowledge of the plant's operations."
Chen Aizhu reports for Reuters August 16, 2011.


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Source: Reuters, 08/16/2011