"Chlorpyrifos Restrictions Could Be In Store In California"

"The California Department of Pesticide Regulation should list chlorpyrifos as a toxic air contaminant (TAC), a state scientific panel has recommended following review of a comprehensive risk assessment of the widely used insecticide.

California DPR now has 10 working days to begin the process to formally designate chlorpyrifos (trade name: Lorsban) as a TAC. The nine scientists on the Scientific Review Panel (SRP) agreed unanimously with the recommendation.

“We’re glad that the state has finally accepted the overwhelming consensus of federal and independent scientists who’ve studied chlorpyrifos for years and determined that it harms kids’ brains severely and irreversibly,” Mark Weller, co-director of the statewide coalition Californians for Pesticide Reform, said in a news release."

Steve Davies reports for Agri-Pulse July 30, 2018.

Source: Agri-Pulse, 07/31/2018