"'Clean Up Your Act,' UN Climate Chief Urges Coal Industry"

"WARSAW -- The U.N. climate chief urged a radical clean-up of the coal industry on Monday to help limit global warming, at an industry meeting in Warsaw condemned by environmentalists as a distraction from the nearby U.N. climate change conference."

"Christiana Figueres, head of the U.N.'s Climate Change Secretariat, told the coal summit that the industry had to change "rapidly and dramatically" to limit high pollution and carbon emissions, including in heavily coal-dependent Poland.

She urged the industry to 'leave most existing reserves in the ground', to shut inefficient plants and to capture and bury all emissions of carbon dioxide from coal-fired plants, a technology that has proved too costly so far for wide use."

Alister Doyle and Susanna Twidale report for Reuters November 18, 2013.


"Top U.N. Official Warns of Coal Risks" (New York Times)

Source: Reuters, 11/19/2013