"On Climate Change, Americans May Trust Politics Above Preachers"

"When President Obama during his inauguration speech made a case for tackling human-driven climate change, it felt like deja vu for many in the environmental community -- including members of religious groups who have long looked to him for action."

"After all, Obama made a similar pledge during his first inauguration address in 2009, and left-leaning and progressive faith-based organizations were among activist groups that pushed for quick congressional action on major climate legislation.

But the effort was derailed first by the health care battle in Congress, and again when Democrats lost control of the House.

Since then, what Donald Brown has characterized as a "strange, two-year silence" on climate change settled over Washington, the White House and, for the most part, last year's presidential campaign."

Liz Halloran reports for NPR January 28, 2013.

Source: NPR, 01/30/2013