"Climate Change May Be Speeding Coast Redwood, Giant Sequoia Growth"

"Finally, some good news about the effects of climate change. It may have triggered a growth spurt in two of California's iconic tree species: coast redwoods and giant sequoias."

"Since the 1970s, some coast redwoods have grown at the fastest rate ever, according to scientists who studied corings from trees more than 1,000 years old.

"That's a wonderful, happy surprise for us," said Emily Burns, science director at the Save the Redwoods League, which is collaborating on a long-term study with university researchers on the effect of climate change on redwoods, the world's tallest trees, and giant sequoias, the largest living things by total mass."
Bettina Boxall reports for the Los Angeles Times August 14, 2013.


"Redwood Trees May Help Battle Climate Change, Study Finds" (Huffington Post)

Source: LA Times, 08/15/2013