"Climate Change Threatens 82% of Native California Fish"

"Climate change threatens most of California's native freshwater fish -- many of which don't exist anywhere else in the world -- with extinction, a new study says."

"Four of five native fish in California, including salmon and steelhead trout, likely will be driven to or near extinction within 100 years if climate change continues on its current path, a new study predicts.

Of 121 native fish species, 82% will plummet in number or disappear because they need cool, flowing water yet climate change is boosting temperatures and lessening stream flow, according to scientists at the University of California-Davis' Center for Watershed Science. In contrast, only 19% of the state's 50 non-native fishes face a similar risk of extinction.

"Most of our native fish will suffer because their habitats are disappearing," says lead author Peter Moyle, a professor of fish biology who has been documenting the status of California's fish for 40 years. He says they'll be replaced by non-native fishes such as carp, largemouth bass, fathead minnows and green sunfish. "Pond and lake fish will do fine or even better.""

Wendy Koch reports for USA TODAY June 1, 2013.

Source: USA TODAY, 06/04/2013