"A Climate-Conscious Fox Weather Could Leave Audiences Confused"

"NPR's David Folkenflik speaks with climate reporter Geoff Dembicki about the launch of the Fox Weather streaming service and concerns over how Fox News covers climate change."

"Fox also promises to rely on science and technology. But the team and the name give real pause to people who are experts in climate science. That's because Fox Weather is an offshoot of Fox News Media, and Fox News has a long history of dismissing, discrediting and discounting the threat of climate change. Behind the scenes, however, the Murdoch family, the controlling owners of Fox Corporation and its sister company, News Corp., have not only acknowledged the real-life impacts of climate change, but have adjusted their business practices in direct response, even becoming carbon neutral a decade ago in 2011."

David Folkenflik reports for NPR October 24, 2021.


"Rupert Murdoch Has Known We’ve Been in a Climate Emergency Since 2006, Documents Show" (Vice)

Source: NPR, 10/26/2021