Climate Week: Absent World Leaders Worsen UN’s Gridlock at 75

"As the United Nations turns 75 this year, the world body keeps churning out increasingly grim reports on the global threats it was created to ameliorate.

Biodiversity is being destroyed, climate change is accelerating, war and famine are creating more refugees than ever in human history, the world body warns. And now the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing hundreds of millions back into poverty as renewed lockdowns loom.

Deepening the gloom enveloping the world body, its annual UN General Assembly that usually brings about 10,000 diplomats to Manhattan is being held virtually this week, precluding the personal encounters among world leaders that sometimes offer glimmers of progress to seemingly intractable crises."

David Wainer reports for Bloomberg September 21, 2020.


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Source: Bloomberg, 09/21/2020