"Close Senate Vote Seen On EPA Climate Powers"

"A vote in the U.S. Senate to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from going it alone in battling carbon dioxide emissions will fail this week without new last-minute support, according to congressional and private-sector sources.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, the Alaska Republican leading the effort against looming EPA regulation, has 40 co-sponsors for the bill, which is set for a vote on Thursday. Several other senators also are considering supporting her but 51 votes are needed for passage in the 100-member Senate.

'I think it's close,' said Murkowski spokesman Robert Dillon. 'It's just a couple votes away probably right now.'

President Barack Obama has warned that the EPA could regulate greenhouse gases and other pollutants blamed for global warming if Congress failed to enact its own legislation. Such a bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives a year ago but a similar effort is bogged down in the Senate."

Richard Cowan reports for Reuters June 8, 2010.

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Source: Reuters, 06/08/2010