"'Clusters' of Death"

"In many places around Western Pennsylvania residents see clusters of death and clusters of people sickened by cancer or heart and lung diseases.

And, like Lee Lasich, a Clairton resident, they're frustrated that government health and environmental agencies don't see them too, don't do something about the problems and don't take a tougher stance on enforcement of air pollution regulations.

Ms. Lasich, whose husband worked in U.S. Steel Corp.'s Clairton Coke Works and died after suffering from lung, prostate and throat cancers in 2004 when he was 53, is typical. She uses all the fingers of her right hand to tick off the names of friends who have died from brain cancer in her Constitution Circle neighborhood. She uses her left hand to count 'a whole family that's got pancreatic cancers.'"

Don Hopey and David Templeton report a feature package for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette December 13, 2010.


"Dangerous Dust"

"What You Can't See"

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/13/2010