"Coal: 'This Is Our Home. We Don't Want To Live Nowhere Else'"

"NAOMA, W.Va. — Junior Walk stands with one foot resting on the stoop of a log house. A slab of wood mounted above the door reads in hand-painted letters: Coal River Mountain Watch.

It's a cool spring morning. Walk smokes half a cigarette, then pinches off the burning ember at the tip. He stows what's left back in the pack tucked in his breast pocket and readies his four-wheeler for the trip up Coal River Mountain.

The anti-surface-mining activist is wearing a beaten-up Carhartt workman's jacket and camouflage pants. His tawny hair is cropped, his beard long and scraggly. A considerable amount of dirt is lodged beneath his fingernails."

Arianna Skibell report for Greenwire May 24, 2017.


"Coal: Stream Rule Dies, But Ex-Miners Keep Fighting" (Greenwire)

Source: Greenwire, 05/25/2017