"Conservative Christians Sound 'Cap and Trade' Alarms"

"America’s social and religious conservatives are turning up the heat as they galvanize heartland opposition against the latest example of President Barack Obama-inspired 'socialism' -- a climate change bill that aims to reduce fossil fuel emissions, which most scientists have linked to climate change. 

The Democratic Party-led House of Representatives passed the bill on Friday. ...

Conservative Christians, a key base -- if not THE base -- for the out-of-power Republican Party, are among the biggest skeptics of human-induced global warming. In the eyes of many environmentalists, they were part of an 'unholy alliance' with the energy industry that enjoyed its zenith under former president George W. Bush, who pulled America out of the Kyoto Protocol aimed at cutting emissions in the developed world. The Bush administration was widely seen as hostile to any attempt to cap emissions as well as the science behind it."

Ed Stoddard reports for Reuters' Faithworld blog June 29, 2009.

Source: Reuters, 06/30/2009