"Corruption, Climate Could Trigger Water Wars: UN Report"

"NEW YORK – Cleaning up widespread corruption in the water supply industry is crucial to avert looming water conflicts born of desperation, warns a new United Nations report based on case studies in 10 countries.

“In many places … corruption is resulting in the hemorrhaging of precious financial resources,” siphoning an estimated 30 percent of funds earmarked for water and sanitation-related improvements, the report states.

The report, “Water in the World We Want,” warns that water supplies for 2.9 billion people in 48 countries will fall short of needs within 10 years, threatening “the stability and very existence” of some nations."

Environment News Service had the story February 24, 2015.


"A Thirsty, Violent World" (New Yorker)

Source: ENS, 02/25/2015