Court Strikes Down Part Of Rule Easing Ozone Standard Implementation

"A federal court in Washington, D.C., on Friday sided with environmentalists and struck down provisions relaxing requirements for areas that are not in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s air pollution standards.

A panel of three judges on the United States Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C., vacated several portions of a rule governing how standards for the pollutant ozone are implemented in areas that have levels beyond the safety standard set by the EPA.

The three judges were appointed by former Presidents Carter, Clinton and Trump.

Seth Johnson, an attorney with Earthjustice who worked on the case, celebrated it as a health win for the approximately 122 million people who live in the affected areas, called nonattainment areas."

Rachel Frazin reports for The Hill January 29, 2021.

Source: The Hill, 02/01/2021