"Courts Question Pipeline Builders’ Use of Eminent Domain to Take Land"

"Advocates argue the rush of natural gas pipelines isn’t what eminent domain was meant for. One ruling gives states a new way to challenge pipeline plans."

"A recent federal court ruling could give states more authority to oppose natural gas pipeline projects by limiting the controversial use of eminent domain—the mandatory sale of private or state-owned land for public use.

That ruling and two others involving eminent domain come amid growing opposition to pipeline projects, whose benefits to the public and risks to the environment and climate are increasingly being questioned.

As the Trump administration tries to clear the way for more fossil fuel pipeline construction, a diverse coalition of environmental advocates and landowners are gaining traction in their efforts to fight new pipeline projects by focusing on property rights."

Phil McKenna reports for InsideClimate News October 2, 2019.

Source: InsideClimate News, 10/04/2019