CT Legislature Overwhelmingly Passes Environmental Justice Measure

"HARTFORD — Lawmakers in the special session passed a bill that would revise the state’s environmental justice regulations, and require facilities that impact the environment to improve communication with the public and provide services or funding that would mitigate any environmental effects on the surrounding community.  

The bill passed the House on Wednesday 139-5 and the Senate on Thursday 35-1.

State Rep. Geraldo Reyes, D-Waterbury, who co-authored the bill, told Connecticut Examiner that the changes came out of an experience he had in his home district of Waterbury, when an F&G Transfer Plant decided to expand its activities. Although large numbers of the public came out in protest against the expansion, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection issued the permit anyway. When the community appealed the decision, they lost the appeal as well. "

Emilia Otte reports for the Connecticut Examiner October 2, 2020.


"Lamont Signs All Nine Bills Approved In Rare Autumn Special Session of General Assembly" (Connecticut Post)

Source: Connecticut Examiner, 10/05/2020