"Dolphin Death Information Listed on NOAA Website"

"GULFPORT — NOAA Fisheries has responded to the cry for information in this year’s string of dolphin deaths in the northern Gulf that includes 59 stillborn or infant calves."

"A page on its website now details the plight of dolphins and whales in the Gulf since February 2010 with graphs and charts comparing the deaths to previous years. The numbers update weekly.

This is happening as NOAA begins taking possession of the samples collected from the baby dolphins by local groups. NOAA will handle the testing and release of any results in the unusual deaths, which has also triggered concern among scientists and attorneys that there is a lack of transparency in the handling of the samples.

There is also concern that the results of necropsies and other tissue tests won’t be released to the public."

Karen Nelson reports for the Biloxi Sun Herald March 30, 2012.


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Source: Biloxi Sun Herald, 04/03/2012