"Dow Sues Activists in India Over Bhopal Protest"

"MUMBAI -- Dow has filed its fourth lawsuit against activists in India that are seeking compensation for the 1984 gas leak at a Union Carbide Corporation facility in Bhopal. The Bhopal disaster killed 15,000 and affected an additional 500,000 in 1984."

"The plant leaked Methyl isocyanate, which has contaminated the area, including the ground water. Since 1984, activists worldwide have sought to obtain what they feel is suitable compensation and rehabilitation for the deaths and disability caused by the leak. 30 years later, the site is still contaminated.

This year, in an attempt to bring more attention to the situation, Harvard students launched a year-long relay fast. Participants in the fast each abstain from eating for 24 hours, and then hand the fast off to another participant."

Justin King reports for Digital Journal February 9, 2014.

Source: Digital Journal, 02/11/2014