"Eastern Shore Farmers, Perdue Win Pollution Lawsuit"

"Ruling in a bitterly contested case with national ramifications, a federal judge found Thursday that the Waterkeeper Alliance failed to prove that an Eastern Shore farm's chicken houses were polluting a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay."

"U.S. District Court Judge William M. Nickerson declared in a 50-page opinion that the New York-based environmental group had not established in a two-week trial in October that waste from chicken houses owned by Berlin farmers Alan and Kristin Hudson was fouling a drainage ditch that ultimately flows to the Pocomoke River.

He also rejected arguments that Perdue, the Salisbury-based poultry company for whom the Hudsons raise birds, should share responsibility for any pollution because of its tight oversight of contract chicken growers."

Timothy B. Wheeler reports for the Baltimore Sun's B'More Green blog December 20, 2012.


"US Judge Sides With Md. Chicken Farmer, Perdue Farms in Pollution Lawsuit" (AP)

Source: Baltimore Sun, 12/21/2012