"In Echo of Flint Lead Crisis, Newark Offers Bottled Water"

"Federal officials warned that home filters provided by the city were not enough."

"For more than a year, Newark officials denied the city had a widespread lead problem with its drinking water.

Then, in an abrupt shift last fall, New Jersey’s largest city began giving out water filters to some residents.

On Sunday — two days after a scathing letter from the E.P.A. raised concerns about the safety of the city’s drinking water — officials said they would start offering bottled water to residents."

Emma G. Fitzsimmons reports for the New York Times August 11, 2019.


"Lead Crisis In Newark Leads To Distribution Of Bottled Water, After Filters Fail To Safeguard Homes With Old Pipes" (Newark Star-Ledger)

Source: NY Times, 08/12/2019