"Economist Says Best Climate Fix A Tough Sell, But Worth It"

"We often talk about climate change as a matter of science. But the biggest questions are really about money. How much would it cost to fix the problem — and what price will we pay if we don't?"

"The man who invented the field of climate economics 40 years ago says there's actually a straightforward way to solve the problem. has written a book that lays it out in simple terms.

Nordhaus has been at Yale University since 1967. Now 72 years old, he has silver hair and a warm demeanor. ...

'We need to put a price on carbon, so that when anyone, anywhere, anytime does something that puts carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there's a price tag on that,' he says."

Richard Harris reports for NPR's All Things Considered February 11, 2014.


"It's Lonely in the Trenches for a Carbon Tax, But a Warrior Digs in" (ClimateWire)

Source: NPR, 02/13/2014