"Eight Workers At Texas Chemical Plant Hospitalized After Toxic Gas Leak"

"Altivia Chemicals said personnel have contained leak of phosgene as city lifts shelter-in-place order that affected nearby plants".

"Eight people were taken to a hospital for treatment on Monday after a toxic gas leak at Altivia Chemicals’ plant in La Porte, Texas, local officials said.

An update on their condition was not immediately available. The city canceled a shelter-in-place order in the afternoon that had affected several nearby industrial plants, officials said.

Altivia Chemicals said it was working to contain a leak of a gas called phosgene from its plant, as the city’s emergency management agency ordered residents and five neighboring chemical facilities to shelter in place out of caution."

The Guardian had the story December 4, 2023.

Source: Guardian, 12/06/2023