"Environmental Groups Seek Bay Lawsuit Dismissal"

"The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other environmental groups have urged a Pennsylvania federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the federal government's plan for reducing pollution fouling the estuary."

"The lawsuit filed in 2011 by the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau contends that the Environmental Protection Agency did not have the authority to issue the pollution limits, that the public was not granted sufficient opportunity to review and comment, and that the limits are based upon flawed computer modeling and input data.  Other agricultural and building industry groups later joined the suit.

In a motion for summary judgment filed in U.S. District Court in Harrisburg, the bay foundation  and its partners counter that the EPA has clear legal authority to order a cleanup of the Chesapeake, that the pollution limits it set are scientifically based, and that the agency gave ample opportunities for the public to review and comment on the plan."

Tim Wheeler reports for the Baltimore Sun's B'More Green blog April 23, 2012.

Source: Baltimore Sun, 04/24/2012