"Environmentalists Fight Uranium Mining in Va."

"Environmentalists are waving a red flag in their fight to prevent uranium mining in Virginia, claiming there's a chance toxins from mine operations could make their way into Fairfax County's water supply if the ban is lifted.

Mining company Virginia Uranium is asking the state to lift a statewide ban on uranium mining so that it can access $7.5 billion worth of deposits in southern Virginia's Pittsylvania County. But, as they rally opposition to lifting the ban, environmentalists are circulating maps showing that, without the ban, uranium could be mined in Northern Virginia as well.

Nathan Lott, of the environmental group KeeptheBan.org, called the Pittsylvania site 'a camel's nose under the tent,' suggesting that once the ban is lifted Virginia Uranium would be free to mine in Northern Virginia as well."

Liz Essley reports for the Washington Examiner July 5, 2011.

Source: Washington Examiner, 07/06/2011