"Environmentalists Pressure U.S. To Help More at Climate Talks"

"Is the U.S. leading or blocking progress toward stopping global warming? It's a key question this week as officials from more than 190 countries begin the latest round of negotiations seeking an eventual global climate-protection plan."

"Environmentalists say that one of this round's main accomplishments could be the creation of a new "green climate fund" to help developing countries adjust in the 2020s. Another might be an agreement that all major countries slash emissions, even if the details get left until later.

The United States is key to how the talks turn out, and environmental activists want it to stop blocking progress on both issues, said Kevin Knobloch, the president of the Union of Concerned Scientists. He and leaders of other major environment groups wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week urging her to make sure the U.S. position doesn't send negotiations into permanent gridlock."

Renee Schoof reports for McClatchy Newspapers November 30, 2011.


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Source: McClatchy, 12/01/2011