"Environmentally Friendly Levee Could Protect Against Sea Level Rise"

"SAN LORENZO -- What are now seedlings will play a key role in an experiment that could be an environmental triple win -- improving water quality and protecting against sea level rise while providing wildlife habitat.

An army of volunteers will plant more than 70,000 native plants next fall on a first-of-its-kind ecotone levee and wetland basin. The levee and basin will be built on a vacant field near the Oro Loma Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant.

Treated wastewater will flow into the basin and then be piped under the ecotone, percolating out and sustaining the plants. The plants also will improve water quality by removing nutrients that can contribute to algae growth."

Rebecca Parr reports for the Contra Costa Times March 18, 2015.

Source: Contra Costa Times, 03/19/2015