Enviros Name "Dirty Dozen" Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Needing Limits

"Bisphenol A has gotten a much higher profile in recent years, as the 'BPA-free' label adorns an increasing number of water bottles and baby products. News headlines regularly hint at possible connections between BPA and a lengthening list of health problems. But the ingredient is still common in plastics, food can liners -- and in our bodies."

"The chemical can be found in 93 percent of Americans, according to a guide released Monday by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group and the Keep-A-Breast Foundation. And BPA is just one of many everyday chemicals that even at very low levels could harm our bodies by mimicking or blocking the natural hormone messengers responsible for everything from sleep and metabolism to growth and reproduction.

'We're seeing more and more of these chemicals,' said Johanna Congleton, senior scientist with EWG."

Lynne Peeples reports for Huffington Post October 28, 2013.

Source: Huffington Post, 10/29/2013