"EPA Advisers Try to Soften Tone of ‘Secret Science’ Report"

"The EPA’s science advisers on Tuesday debated toning down the language of a draft report to agency chief Andrew Wheeler that finds flaws in the EPA’s proposed “secret science” rule.

The proposed rule (RIN:2080-AA14) would bar the agency from using scientific research that isn’t or can’t be made public. Critics have said the proposal is a bid to sideline the science the Environmental Protection Agency uses in regulations, because the agency wouldn’t be able to rely on epidemiological studies, which often draw on private medical information.

In some cases, the advisers’ tweaks can be seen as attempts to preserve the Science Advisory Board’s status as an impartial, science-based body."

Stephen Lee reports for Bloomberg Environment January 21, 2020.


"EPA Advisers Disagree Over 'Secret Science'" (Greenwire)

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/23/2020