"EPA Inspector General To Open ‘New Reviews’ Into Scott Pruitt"

"The Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general will open “new reviews” into ethics questions surrounding Administrator Scott Pruitt, including his $50-a-night rental of a lobbyist’s Capitol Hill condo last year.

Word of the latest inquiry into Pruitt’s spending and management decisions came Friday in a letter to two Democratic lawmakers, Reps. Don Beyer (Va.) and Ted Lieu (Calif.). The pair had asked the agency’s watchdog to examine Pruitt’s unusual housing arrangement and the fact that he only recently sought an ethics approval for the lease.

In his letter, EPA Inspector General Arthur A. Elkins Jr. noted that his office had received a similar request earlier in the month from a top official at the Office of Government Ethics and others about Pruitt’s housing and security costs, travel expenses, pay raises for certain employees and additional issues."

Brady Dennis reports for the Washington Post April 27, 2018.


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Source: Washington Post, 04/30/2018