"EPA Proposes Tougher Pollution Controls, Narrows Target Group"

"Even as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee took up its climate bill for the first time Tuesday, the Environment Protection Agency proposed requiring thousands of greenhouse gas emitters to install stricter pollution control technology.

The so-called 'tailoring rule,' which was published in the Federal Register Thursday, would apply the Clean Air Act to power plants and other sources that emit at least 25,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. The proposal targets a narrower group than what the act originally envisioned, a measure applying to any facility emitting just 250 tons of pollution, EPA estimates that without the modification the rule could apply to more than 6 million facilities across the country.

Agency spokeswoman Adora Andy called the proposal, which is subject to public comment until Dec. 28, 'a common-sense measure, strategically tailored to the largest facilities to ensure it does not place a burden on the small businesses that make up the better part of our economy.'"

Juliet Eilperin reports for the Washington Post October 27, 2009

Source: Wash Post, 10/28/2009