"EPA: Sluggish White House Hamstrings Pruitt's Agenda"

"President Trump has so far failed to provide the U.S. EPA staffers needed to execute an aggressive deregulatory game plan.

The Republican is lagging the pace of his predecessor, President Obama, in nominating people for EPA's 14 Senate-confirmed positions.

There's only one confirmed EPA official in place: Administrator Scott Pruitt. And Trump has made only one other EPA pick, Susan Bodine for enforcement chief, whose nomination was sent to the Senate yesterday.

By contrast, an E&E News review of congressional records shows that Obama, by the end of April 2009, had sent on seven EPA nominations to Capitol Hill. Further, the Senate had confirmed five of those picks by mid-May of that year. By the end of 2009, Obama had 12 EPA nominees confirmed by the Senate."

Kevin Bogardus reports for Greenwire May 17, 2017.

Source: Greenwire, 05/18/2017