Ethiopia's Somali Region Faces Chronic Drought Linked To Climate Change

"This year the 'belg' rainy season once again failed to bring much needed relief to the drought-striken region. Pastoral communities say they fear for the future of their livelihoods as experts blame climate change."

"Three times a day, Sara Saban walks under the burning sun to fetch water for her family. Close to her village in the center of Ethiopia's Somali Region, women, children and men line up in front of the only available well within walking distance. Their donkeys patiently wait as they fill their yellow jerry cans with water. A few meters away, others dig a hole in the dried-out riverbed to collect what little murky water they can find.

'The underground water is very limited because we are facing a drought,' Sara, a mother of ten, told DW. 'The water quality is also very bad, so sometimes we suffer from stomach-related illnesses.'"

Maria Gerth-Niculescu reports for Deutsche Welle September 23, 2019.

Source: Deutsche Welle, 09/24/2019