"Everglades Oil Drilling Plans Spark Contamination Concerns"

"NAPLES, Fla. – For their retirement, Pamela and Jaime Duran chose a cottage in Southwest Florida. Here, they could raise chickens, savor the quiet and enjoy the lush backdrop of the historic Everglades. They call it "a little piece of paradise."

"There are no noises out here," said Jaime Duran. "You don't hear anything at night. You hear crickets, and that's about as loud as it gets at night."

But the oil industry has set its sights on this swath of the state, with a proposed drill site just 1,000 feet from the Durans' house. That would mean noise, dust and dozens of trucks passing each day. But the Durans are most concerned about their drinking water, which they fear could be poisoned by toxic waste from the well."

Bryan Myers reports for Aljazeera Ameerica April 8, 2014.

Source: Aljazeera America, 04/10/2014