"Experts: Under Trump, States And Cities Must Lead On Energy"

"Despite President-elect Donald Trump’s outspoken denial of climate science being reflected not just through his words but his appointments, there is growing sentiment that the country’s energy future will be decided largely at the state level and by markets, relatively independent of Trump’s positions.

A study released Dec. 8 by the Brookings Institution furthers that argument by showing that a majority of states have “decoupled” their economies from carbon emissions, meaning their economies have continued to grow even when carbon emissions were reduced.

This indicates that regulations, government programs and market forces that curb fossil fuel dependency are not necessarily harmful to the economy, as opponents frequently argue. And, the study authors say, state policymakers should take this to heart while charting their states’ energy futures — which may not, as previously expected, be driven by compliance with the federal Clean Power Plan. "

Kari Lydersen reports for Midwest Energy News December 13, 2016.

Source: Midwest Energy News, 12/15/2016